Graduation Sunday Was Today

May 16, 2010

Today we celebrated our 8 high school graduates: Allison Day, Zander Day, Colby Jowers, Long Nguyen, Chris Merritt, Andrew Morris, David Porter and Johnel Roussert.

Ken Sellers is our new youth pastor beginning May 1st.

We purchased a used bus this week. Instead of a van which we have always had this is a walk down the middle aisle bus which will be a big help for our older members.

After using our youth center for exactly 1 year now we will finally have a dedication service this Sunday at 6 pm for our Joe and Margaret Frazier Youth Center.

Our Blog is now a digital scrapbook!

September 27, 2009

Barbara & Eleanor eating peanuts

Our church blog is a digital scrapbook or an archive of all that has happened in our church. We will try to update it regularly so newcomers can get a sense of the history of our church.

Tonight we had a boiled peanut afterglow thanks to Lenna Morris and Jane Baggett.

Wonderful things are happening with the youth group at 1st United Methodist. Plans are already being made to expand the meeting hours on Wednesday evening. Dates for other events are as follows:

1. Youth Prayer Breakfast every Wednesday morning at the Filling Station. The morning of September 23rd was the first time for this breakfast and a much larger than expected turnout was there. Make plans for all youth in the middle and high school to be included in this. If you need a ride to the school afterwards one will be provided on the church van.

2. Don’t forget the Sub Sandwich fundraiser on the first Sunday in October. All people who wish to go on our trips are required to be involved in the fundraisers.

3. Youth group on October 7 will be a Picture Scavenger Hunt. Bring your camera and plan for a great time.

4. The youth band has been practicing hard and they are really getting very good. Plans are for them to be the program for the October Family Night Supper beginning at 6 pm on October 11. Plans are also being made for them to play during a morning worship service soon.

5. October 24 will be a Dinner and movie night for all youth. It will be in the Filling Station from 6 – 11 PM.

Many exciting events are already in the planning. More Dinner and a movie nights, lock ins, fundraisers, ski trips, mission trips among so many other things.

New Youth Director

September 14, 2009

Mark Shrader began his first Sunday as our Minister to Youth & Families yesterday.   Wife is Stephanie and daughters Bethany and Emily.shrader family