New Year’s Eve In ICU

December 31, 2014

Progress is being made as we slowly settle into life in the ICU. Yesterday the breathing tube was removed and they began adjusting him from one seizure medicine to another. We are celebrating those victories as we contemplate the world of unknowns – how will the doctors balance the need for blood thinners and seizure medicine in a body that shouldn’t have any of it. Is the lethargy brought on by the meds, the new bleed, the temporary drain, the tiredness and weariness? Is he not talking today because of the hoarseness from the tube or because he can’t because of damage in that part of the brain? Over the past few days they have monitored the temporary drain and the drs are not convinced a shunt is necessary. So we wait patiently as they slowly make those decisions knowing the drs and surgeons are the team the Lord wants over Bruce and that he is in the best place for rest and restoration.

As we look forward to 2015 with expectations of healing and some big family changes (jobs, housing, etc) we enter the unknown with the confidence that the Lord has all the plans in place for the Sacks and that all He has for us will be good.

So tonight as we put closure to 2014 I continue to covet your prayers as we continue in this journey , especially for Bruce to move forward in healing in miraculous ways.

And I ask for prayers for patients and their families , like us, who are welcoming in 2015 in hospitals, ICU wards, etc. Right now in the tallahassee neuro icu there are families and friends of 10 patients facing various levels of crises. I’m not quite sure how to celebrate midnight in a hospital – do we raise up an alcohol wipe, or increase the Iv drips? Most likely you will find me on bended knee praising God for this journey in 2014 and accepting the journey God has for us in 2015, and then maybe stealing a kiss from Bruce!

I’ve Got Peace Like a River

December 29, 2014

I wish I had the words to eloquently express the incredible calm and peaceful feeling that each one of the Georgia Sack’s felt yesterday. While I may not have enough adjectives to describe it, I know for certain the source of the peace — it was from the Lord, and it was because of you, our faithful prayer warriors who have covered us in prayers, scripture, encouraging words, texts, calls, visits, cards,and even Facebook messages.
Yesterday as I had to make decisions on Bruce’s care it was truly amazing how the Holy Spirit guided me peacefully into the decisions that moved his healing and recovery forward. This morning that Peace that passes all understanding continues to lead us and guide us in amazing ways. And so, for now I just want to say Thank You to all of you knowing that you will all faithfully carry us through today as we lean on our Great Physician to bring miraculous healing to Bruce!

More Seizures and a Helicopter Ride Back to Tallahassee

December 28, 2014

Feeling the Holy Spirit in small and mighty ways. Saturday morning my intent was to provide a Bruce update, bragging that we were at home, however a still small voice said, the day is far from over, don’t post yet. So I didn’t and now I wonder if that was the Holy Spirit whispering about what the afternoon would hold. This afternoon Bruce had a second seizure at home. He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital and then flown to Tallahassee where he is now under the care of the neuro-surgeon who has been following him since July. Since the afternoon he has had several seizures and is currently intubated and sedated. He will be watched diligently in ICU over the weekend and the doctors will proceed cautiously with his care (which is exactly why we wanted him in TMH) It’s been a long hard couple of days as we have watched Bruce struggle with the new medication he was put on earlier this month, slowly biding our time til we returned for a planned dr apt on the 30th. The 30th couldn’t come fast enough for us and I’m grateful that Gods plan was to get him under the drs care sooner, although I must say, I totally dislike the events that transpired.

So as the doctors “cautiously wait” out this Sunday, I ask that you continue to fervently lift Bruce up in your prayers as you worship on this Sunday morning. Because I believe that we will be witnesses to total and complete healing for Bruce.

Thank you mighty prayer warriors!

We Have a New Pastor!

December 23, 2014

DSCN0844Bishop James King, episcopal leader of the South Georgia Annual Conference, has appointed a new pastor to the Hazlehurst First United Methodist Church effective January 1, 2015.

The Rev. Bobby Gale is the new church pastor.

Rev. Gale is the Director of the “Unto the Least of His” ministry.

He is married to Nancy and they have 4 grown children.

He is a native of Savannah and a graduate of Emory University’s Candler School of Theology in Atlanta.

He was a pastor of about 13 years but for the past few years he has been an extension minister of the conference as director of “Unto the Least of His” ministry.  Visit his ministry website here.

More Details About Bruce Sack Visit to Mayo Clinic This Past Week

December 17, 2014

This time last week, the Sack’s had a “plan” and an agenda and began our journey to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL to accomplish that “plan.” For the most part, the “plan” went well, we met with a doctor on Wednesday afternoon, stayed in a hotel and met with another one on Thursday morning. Our patient, tolerated the “plan” rather well, only a few arguments about the value of relying on a walker to assist him to walk around the Mayo campus and into and out of the office buildings. Our goal was to obtain a better understanding of his vision since the most recent work on the fistula (Sept/Oct). As we left late Thursday morning to return home, we knew our plan was accomplished, and felt we had “built” the team of medical providers who would continue to see him through this healing journey. I was actually looking forward to giving his medical attention a rest and to return home to focus on “Christmas” – the cards, the presents, the cookies.

For “some reason” rather than returning home our regular route, we took a more scenic route through the city, or rather the construction work in the city. As we neared the northwest side of the city, Bruce had a seizure in the car. My instinct was to turn into a bread store parking lot and ask them to call 911. Workers from the store came out to assist. Several stood around the car and prayed, comforted Elizabeth and others, with a medical background, jumped in to assist to keep him calm until the paramedics arrived. I have to admit, this has been the first and only time in this journey, that I was truly scared. Yet, God provided for us in a “bread store” parking lot. Bruce was taken back to the Mayo Clinic at my request. I don’t remember much of the drive back through the city and all of its construction, I praise God that angels were steering the car and watching over Elizabeth and I. As we entered the ER, I had no idea what we were going to be facing, one could easily imagine the worse, or close to it and I was certainly the one who did imagine the worse.

Fortunately the seizure medicine the paramedics gave him worked, although he was not able to move his arms or legs or talk. All of his vital signs were spot on, just like they had been this entire journey. A CT scan showed no new bleeds.

He was admitted by the Neuro team for observation. The goal was to obtain an MRI (in our “plan” we had one scheduled for January). As we waited in the ER Bruce slowly began to move his arms and legs and began speaking and then again nonstop in true Bruce style. The simple task of obtaining an MRI became not so simple, at least according to our plan, and so we waited until Monday morning for the MRI to be completed. Unfortunately, the Neuro team assigned to him, was not part of our planned “team” and without gathering all the facts of this complicated person began making medical decisions that were adverse to the patient and his current recovery process. With that said, as our mighty prayer warriors surrounded us in prayers this past weekend, other doctors were assigned to his care, the MRI was accomplished and as new Neuro-surgeons were consulted, they all concurred that he was “complicated” and should return to the care of his dr’s who have been following his care this entire year.

So this morning, we wake up in our own bed, after a peaceful night of sleep, praising God that He fought this battle for us this past week, that the Enemy lost his grip on Bruce and that we are only stronger in our adoration and love for the One who carried us through this recent trial. Yes, Bruce is a little bit weaker physically after the 5 day hospitalization, but he is stronger spiritually as he knows the Lord has carried him through. We wake up this morning knowing that we have the doctors involved in his care, whom the Lord wants in place. We wake up praising God that in this point in recovery the MRI confirmed we are right where we need to be. And we wake up this morning grateful to all of you who have been diligent to pray us through each and every challenge, even without knowing the specifics. And we wake up this morning reminded that our plans are nothing compared to the plans and promises God has for each one of us. We wake up this morning, knowing that the Christmas cards aren’t sent, the gifts and presents will remain in the store unpurchased, the cookie ingredients will remain in the pantry uncooked, but we WILL wake up on Christmas morning with adoration and praise that our Heavenly Father’s plan for each one of us is good and so much more than the plans we could make for ourselves. If you think about it, would our birth “plan” be to be born in a stable? And yet what an incredible plan for each one of us that our Lord and Savior was born in such a way….

Bruce Sack is at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville

December 15, 2014

Janet Sack writes Saturday, December 13, 2014:

So, the rumors are true. What would a Saturday be if you didn’t receive a hospital update about Bruce? This time we are writing from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. It’s been a long hard couple of days in this journey and it is a typical hospital weekend, so we really don’t have much to share. So, for tonight we just ask that you keep us all in your prayers as we know you all will.

Bruce & Family Home Now for 37 Days

December 9, 2014

I suppose today could be a milestone for us. Today we celebrate 37 days home from the 37 day hospital visit Bruce recently endured. And on days like today, if you were to ask either one of us I’m not sure what we would say was easier … the hospital visit or the recovery at home, both have had their unique challenges. If I were to have kept a journal over the past 37 days at home you probably would have seen entries such as this:

Day 1 – Praise God he’s out of the hospital!
Day 2 – There is no way I’m ever going to be able to give him an injection, let alone 2 x per day, and the wound care – yuck.
Day 3 – Praise God we are HOME!
Day 4 – Am I kidding myself, how am I going to do this?
Day 5 – We are home and help is on the way with his sister and mom set to arrive soon.
Day 6 – I don’t know about this, it’s a much slower process than I imagined.
Day 7 – Giving injections are not so bad, sort of
Day 8 – Amen, we have turned a corner, he is eating and gaining strength.

I think if Bruce would have kept a journal, his entries each day would reflect something like this…
Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc – “Help Me! I’ve never been in a position of not doing anything but resting. I don’t know how to do this and by the way my people skills are on meltdown with only have my daughter and wife to talk to each day. How do I speed this process up!”

What we have learned through this journey is that there is no easy way to wander the path, there is no manual on “how to survive 4 brain surgeries” or any internet searches that tell you “how to take care of your husband after 4 brain surgeries.”

But in those moments of questioning our journey, and in those moments of rejoicing in the small accomplishments we know the One whom we can turn to for wisdom and guidance, for encouragement and support. So today, on day 37 of our “rest and restoration” phase of this journey, I’m reminded of the words in Luke 1:37 For no word from God will ever fail.

Our prayer for you in this Advent season is that you are digging deeper into God’s words and the promises He has. What better time than now for each one of us to experience the Joy and Love of His Greatest Gift this holiday season.

Prayer partners we covet your prayers this week. As well as keeping up with physical therapy we will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL to meet with a neurologist and neuro-opthamologist. We expect nothing but affirmation that we are well on our way in our recovery phase.