Bruce Sack Recovery Has Been Going Well

November 29, 2014

1901954_10205572749304760_8279997416546516016_nWow, I just realized it’s been 3 weeks since I posted on Facebook! We certainly appreciate all of the cards, calls, visits and messages that we have been flooded with as we entered this phase of R&R (rest and restoration). So many have asked how Bruce is doing so I thought I would keep with tradition and provide an update on this Saturday afternoon.

Recovery for Bruce has been going well. Neither one of us realized the hurdles we would face after the long hospital stay: a weak body, strong antibiotics, malnutrition, an open wound not to mention the recovery necessary from the 3 brain embolizations. Despite the challenges, as we celebrate just 3 weeks home from the hospital we praise God for the progress, in His timing, that is occurring. Among many things, he is no longer taking antibiotics (he was on them for over a month). When he finished, his appetite came back, and as a result his strength, stamina, and mental faculties are improving each day. He has begun a 3 hour regime of outpatient therapy including physical, occupational and speech. His open wound, from the PEG feeding tube has healed 100%. We also enjoyed a weeklong, encouraging visit with his sister, Barb and mom.

Several medical personnel mentioned to us that for every day you are in the hospital you should expect at least 3 days recovery. After enduring 37 days in the hospital, that brings into perspective the idea that we are looking at a slow and steady recovery progress. And that thought, at times, could become discouraging in the midst of the quiet days at home. But, we are NOT discouraged, we are amazed at each moment of this recovery time as we see God walking with each one of us step by step and watching over us and protecting us and providing for us in ways we never would have imagined! Yes, in those brief moments of discouragement we quickly realize we are experiencing God in ways like never before and that we honestly can’t wait to see what His future holds for us.

Yes, prayer warriors, we still covet your prayers. Today we wait on our Lord, knowing that this rest and restoration period isn’t just about restoring our physical bodies but it is about experiencing God in ways we cannot imagine. We pray that as we enter the “holiday season” that your hearts and minds are open to experiencing Him in ways you cannot imagine, for he truly is an Awesome God!

3 District Superintendents to Preach Here Every Sunday in November & December

November 4, 2014

1414354104Our District Superintendent the Rev. Henry Bass has been working very hard and has arranged for some dynamic pastors to come and preach for us during the next couple of months as we continue to work through these difficult times. We are excited to have Rev. Dr. Marcus Tripp, retired District Superintendent, with 43 years of service to come and preach for us and also Rev. Dr. Charles Adams, Epworth by the Sea Superintendent, who will be preaching. The schedule that has been arranged so far is as follows:

11/2/14 Rev. Dr. Marcus Tripp (read more about Rev. Tripp)
11/9/14 Rev. Henry Bass (We are excited to have Rev. Bass return to preach and conduct the charge conference)
11/16/14 Rev. Dr. Charles Adams
11/23/14 Rev. Dr. Marcus Tripp
11/30/14 Rev. Dr. Marcus Tripp

12/7/14 Rev. Dr. Marcus Tripp
12/14/14 Rev. Dr. Charles Adams
12/21/14 Rev. Dr. Charles Adams
12/28/14 Rev. Henry Bass

I am so excited and looking forward to hearing these pastors and their upcoming sermons. It almost feels like a revival is coming. Let’s get the word out to everyone so they can plan to attend these services.

Shae Carter, Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee

Pastor Comes Home!!

November 4, 2014

Janet Sack writes Saturday, November 1, 2014:

Here we are nearing the end of another Saturday afternoon and I am reflecting on the weekly posts I have made over the past several weeks. It’s amazing to reflect upon the previous posts and how we held to the hope that God was doing amazing work in our lives and yet we were clinging to the understanding that all of it was in God’s timing and not ours.

So on this Saturday afternoon Bruce and I are both reflecting on the work God has done in each of our lives in this recent hospital journey, but we are excited to share our praise report that after 36 days, we are HOME!

Again, this week has been a week of ups and downs not really knowing for sure where we would be today, some said in the hospital waiting for another procedure, some said in inpatient rehab, some said he could never really go home anytime soon. As we faced those sayings this week, and our mighty prayer warriors prayed us through the storms and blustery winds, it was Jesus’ plan that we believed in and accepted! We are home, without the need for inpatient rehab, we are home without the need for home healthcare, we are home free from plugs, tubes and whatever else the hospital occasionally thought would need to be used and we are home enjoying the quiet rest in our own surroundings! I don’t think either of us realized how exhausted we would be today, both physically and spiritually, but we are rejoicing and praising God that we are at this point in our rest and recovery.

It seems that on this Saturday, we are closing this chapter in our journey, and as we enter a new chapter, we are just as excited to claim that it is all going to be good because it will be in God’s plan and timing. So what does our next chapter or tomorrow hold?

For the Sack’s, tomorrow holds the continuation of our praise, joy and thanksgiving that our God has protected us and guided us in the past, and that He will lead us and guide us in our tomorrows as we simply live for Him in our today.
In our understanding, it means, we rest at home, allowing Bruce to rest and regain his strength from this crazy hospital stay for however long his body needs. It means starting outpatient therapy, something that should have occurred immediately after the 3rd surgery. It means protecting him from germs with his open wound and hole left by the unnecessary peg tube surgery and subsequent infections. It means waiting in due time for the blood thinners to do their work on the blood clot. It means remaining in hope that as our journey continues we know that God will use us and this story for His glory, in ways we can’t even imagine now. And that’s not a bad thing, that we can’t imagine it yet, because we know we are in a season of rest and when God is ready to reveal His work for us, He will hear us singing “Yes Lord, Yes, Lord…Yes, Yes, Lord, Amen”

Im trading my sorrows
Im trading my shame
Im laying them down, for the joy of the lord

Im trading my sickness
Im trading my pain
Im laying them down, for the joy of the lord


We say, yes lord yes lord
Yes yes lord
Yes lord,yes lord
Yes yes lord
Yes lord, yes lord
Yes yes lord, AMEN.

Im pressed but not crushed
Persecuted not abandoned
Struck down, but not destroyed
I’m blessed beyond the curse
For his promise will endure
And his joy’s gonna be my strength

Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning!!!