Miracle Says Wife About Pastor’s Health

September 30, 2014

Janet Sack writes Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 8 am:

Do you believe in miracles? Would you recognize one? Nearly 24 hours ago, as I neared Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the Lord promised me I would see a miracle that day and with my limited earthly vision I defined what that miracle would look like. Bruce was in surgery for 6 hours as the doctor worked to repair a fistula. It was encouraging news as the doctor showed us the repair work he was able to complete yesterday. Yes, David, Emily & Elizabeth actual saw images of their father’s brain – confirmation for them that it exists! The surgeon never promised complete repair in one surgery but was hoping that he could restore blood flow into his brain to see some improvement. I admit, it was somewhat discouraging to hear his report that 100% repair wasn’t complete (that was my definition of a miracle), that he didn’t expect a noticeable change in his vision, and that he couldn’t promise he would see immediate relief to his other symptoms that have caused him to feel so miserable for so long. For those that know him, know he hasn’t been the fun-loving husband, father, son, brother, friend, pastor for months, years. As they moved him from the OR to ICU for recovery with a glimmer in his eyes, he smiled and gave his family and visitors a thumbs up.

As David and I were taken back to see him, he gave us a big smile and said, “We have so much to talk about, but first….I need food!” He spent time visiting with his kids, eating dinner and talking non-stop! It was if he had to catch up with all of us for lost time! Praise God, he could tell a difference in how he felt, he felt less pressure on his eyes, he had no headache, and he recognized and remembered the friends who came to sit with us throughout the day. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! So maybe my “miracle” of 100% complete surgery wasn’t what the Lord had in store for Monday, but I truly believe a miracle has been performed and that we will see an amazing change / reduction in Bruce’s symptoms as the post-op healing process begins. As we spoke again to the surgeon last night, he shared with us how it was “amazing” and from his perspective a miracle that Bruce didn’t die from the spinal tap procedure on Thursday morning, how he had such limited amounts of bleeding in his brain prior to this week, and that he had 3 very distinct issues going on inside his head.

As I checked in with the nursing staff this morning, cautious that maybe some of the changes were due to all the drugs he had received, they had this response to share from Bruce, “My wife is not going to believe this!”

I can’t wait to see him this morning, because I do believe! I believe that I did see a miracle occur yesterday. I believe that God has led us, protected us and watched over us in ways we may never comprehend in order to declare them a miracle in a rambling Facebook post! I believe that the prayers that have been lifted up from our mighty prayer warriors have given us the reason to Praise our Lord and Savior for his mighty healing hand on Bruce. I believe that our family and friends will continue to lift up healing prayers on Bruce’s behalf and this his physical healing will continue today, tomorrow and in the days ahead!

Brother Bruce Out of Surgery

September 30, 2014

Monday, July 20, 2014 at 5 pm:

Brother Bruce got out of surgery around 5 pm and went back to ICU for observation.  Surgeon thinks all went well and they accomplished what they wanted to get done.

Another Pastor’s Health Update

September 30, 2014

Janet Sack writes update Saturday 7 pm July 19th:

Jeremiah 32:17 “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you” I think it’s amazing when God provides such encouraging words to carry us through a day, a trial, a joy, an adventure. While we closed last night with questions as to how the doctors would treat Bruce, joy came in the morning, as we witnessed our Great Physician lead the surgeons through their decision making process. Nothing, not even Bruce’s brain issues, are too hard for Him! Rather than placing a shunt in his brain on Monday, the surgeon will now perform an embolization (time tbd) to address the underlying issue of an AV Fistula (defined by Wikipedia as an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein, defined by his wife as not enough fresh blood flowing throughout his brain, for our family, Elaine Sack Gardner is our reluctant but nevertheless resident expert on AV Fistulas). The embolization will redirect the fresh blood supply from the fistula to the capillaries throughout the brain, where it really belongs. There are questions that cannot be answered until the embolization is complete. Will it provide immediate relief? How soon will he be up and running? What other, if any, procedures will need to be performed? When can we take him home? When can he return to work? When can he drive? While I may be anxious to know those answers, Bruce more so than me, I do know that as this day draws to an early close for the tired Sack family, Nothing is too hard for God and that with you as our loving, faithful prayer warriors our surgeon could be God’s agent to restore Bruce to 100% health. So this evening I ask that our family and friends join in worship, praise and thanksgiving for the work He has begun in Bruce’s healing process and pray with confidence that tomorrow (Sunday)will be a day of rest for Bruce, his healthcare providers and family so that Monday may be a day to declare God’s healing power over our very impatient patient.

Pastor Health Update

September 30, 2014

Janet Sack writes an update late Friday night, July 18, 2014:

As the Sack Family (minus Bruce) settles back into the Valdosta college apt tonight (2 hours from the hospital for our out of town friends), we just wanted to say thank you to “all y’all” for the prayers, uplifting words of encouragement, text messages and phone calls that have been pouring in to nurture our physically and emotionally exhausted bodies! We covet those prayers as we continue to walk through the journey. Bruce had a much better day today, he tolerated the additional 2 tests rather well. The surgeon has discovered additional issues to address as a result of those tests, prior to his shunt surgery. Before you say “oh no” please say “Praise God!” I truly believe that it was YOUR uplifting prayers that gave the doctors wisdom today to conduct those tests and identify a more pressing issue to resolve. We certainly didn’t want to hear that type of news, but as we examine this day in our prayer time we realize this is a huge piece of the puzzle that helps us (and the doctors) understand all that has been occurring in his head! God is so Good! So as today nears the end, we ask that you continue to lift Bruce and his medical providers up in prayer. The surgeon, amazed at how the discovery of items over the past 48 hours has unfolded. will make a decision by tomorrow morning about the course of treatment or rather which order and the timing of the surgical procedures necessary to accomplish the treatment plan. For those who have left voice mails or text messages, please forgive me for not responding today – it was a LONG day and drive home and without consistent cell phone service in the hospital, it’s been hard to keep on top of and respond to everyone. God’s handprint is all over this journey the Sack Family has been traveling through and I can’t wait to see His handiwork unfold!

Pastor is in ICU

September 30, 2014

Janet Sack writes on Friday, July 18, 2014:

Emily has done a great job updating prayer requests for Bruce. I just wanted to officially provide an update to all our incredible prayer warriors. Bruce was admitted to ICU at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital yesterday afternoon. A few months ago he had a recurrence of his Increased Intracranial Pressure and has spent several months struggling with vision issues among side affects of headaches, tinnitus, and dizziness. Yesterday he was scheduled to have 2 outpatient tests to confirm the diagnosis before a more radical treatment could be prescribed as the medication was not alleviating his symptoms. After completing a spinal tap yesterday morning he developed complications and was taken to the TMH ER where additional tests confirmed encephalous. He will remain in ICU throughout the weekend and will most likely have surgery on Monday to place a shunt in his brain to decrease the excess spinal fluid. Final surgery diagnosis will be made this afternoon after the additional tests are completed and reviewed by the surgeons. We continue to covet your prayers. We see God covering us in so many ways through this trial and we have the confidence He will continue to watch over us and guide us and lead us through the rest of this journey.